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"In the mid seventies two Frenchmen, Haziel and Kabaleb found a manuscript dating from the 12th century in a cave in Spain. It originated from Isaac the Blind and his followers and contained information about 72 angels and their connection to the Kabbalah.   Each angel has a sacred name and its own quality and function. Each angel is connected to a day, date and time and so has personal relevance to you through your date and time of birth.
Working with the 72 Angels has the potential to transform your life on all levels. Helping you change the substance of your being by enhancing your awareness and raising your consciousness – an alchemical process, in accord with the development of your light-body (Aura-Soma).   Attracting positivity into your life and helping you to develop qualities such as peace, happiness, wisdom and abundance."

The 72 Angels tradition is not a religion, but a powerful spiritual tool for anyone in any walk of life. Discover your three Birth Angels and how to work with them to remember who you are and what you came here to do. *

The ancient teachings are based on a 12th Century manuscript discovered in Spain indicating that there are 72 Angels that guide humanity. Their sacred task is to imbue us with specific qualities of the Divine to be expressed through our unique human individuation.* At the time of incarnation 3 angels are allocated according to the date and time of birth. These are our lifelong “inner soulmates” * known as the Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellect Angel.

Each angel has a sacred Hebrew name expressed in the context of sound syllables which accord and emanate specific angelic energies. Each of the 72 angelic energies has their own name, quality and function as well as being governed by particular days and times, giving personal relevance to each person that works with them.

Each angel has a corresponding Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle giving insight into the qualities of the angel and a means of invoking the angelic energies to connect with you on all levels

Invoking the angelic energies leads to a transformational process that may change the substance of our being, by enhancing our awareness and raising our consciousness so developing the light body. As our awareness awakens to the Angels within us, our willingness to work with them expands their presence. As they take up more and more “inner room,” there is less room for doubts and fears and old hurts. Looking out through our “Angel eyes,” we see external circumstances and relationships as mirrors to the things within us that need strengthening or healing, and we see the gifts waiting in the wings of every difficult moment. In coincidental encounters and conversations we hear their uncanny and timely messages, and in our dreams we are given symbols and clues to unlock our mysteries and meanings. Often we share Birth Angels with people in our lives who are significant influences or catalysts to our growth and well-being, and we may invoke each other’s Birth Angels to heal difficult dynamics.  The secret of working with the Angels is to let them do the work! We do not have to understand everything to be transformed. Awareness and acceptance are the “wings” that give loft to quantum leaps! In surrendering to what is, we allow what will be to emerge. In surrendering to the machinations and miracles of the Angels, we can be more than we ever dared to imagine!*

*"Content used with permission of Terah Cox"

The Best Way to find out more about your individual Birth Angels is to either have an 
Aura-Soma Angel Consultation or to join a 4 day  course called Aura-Soma and the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah which is fun, inspring and transformative and will bring deep insights as you connect with energies of the angels that are guiding you.   Many people have benefitted from finding their Birth Angels using charts and invoking their energy by using the appropriate Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle and chanting their Angels’ names.  


Below is a list of the 72 Angels in alphebetical order.  The number is the corresponding Equilibrium bottle.
Please click on the ndidual angels for more information.

B50 Ahaiah

B63 Aladiah

B54 Anauel

B32 Aniel

B23 Ariel

B31 Asaliah

B36 Cahetel

B66 Caliel

B93 Damabiah

B30 Daniel

B26 Elemiah

B28 Eyael

B55 Haaiah

B41 Haamiah

B81 Habuiah

B65 Hahehel

B90 Hahasiah

B24 Haheuiah

B25 Hakamiah

B71 Harahel

B35 Hariel

B68 Hayayel

B77 Hazayael

B49 Hehaiah

B43 Iah-hel

B72 Imamiah

B46 Khavakiah

B39 Lauviah

B62 Laviah

B85 Lecabel

B79 Lehahaiah

B64 Lelahel

B48 Leuviah

B78 Mahasiah

B42 Manakel

B67 Mebahel

B92 Mebahiah

B88 Mehiel

B52 Melahel

B27 Menadel

B73 Mihael

B51 Mikael

B69 Mitzrael

B56 Mumiah

B58 Nanael

B34 Nelahel

B57 Nemamiah

B44 Nitael

B33 Nithaiah

B91 Omael

B38 Pahaliah

B86 Poyel

B40 Reheael

B47 Reiyel

B89 Reohael

B45 Sealiah

B82 Seehaiah

B84 Sitael

B29 Umabel

B61 Vasariah

B94 Vehuel

B83 Vehuiah

B37 Veuliah

B70 Yabamiah

B60 Yehuiah

B87 Yeialel

B74 Yeiazel

B59 Yelahiah

B75 Yeratel

B80 Yeliel

B76 Yeyayel

B53 Yezalel