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Hayayel 68

Hayayel 68
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 Angel 71 Hayayel. Principal Quality - Divine Warrior

Guardian Angel - March 11th - 15th

Heart Angel - January 7th, March 19th, June 1st, August 15th, October 28th

Intellect Angel - 23.20 - 23.40

To call on this Angel use phonetic pronunciation, HA-yah-YEL (the emphasis is placed on the letters in capitals)

The 3 letters that form the name in Hebrew are read from right to left and are 

Yud Yud Hey

The Principal Quality of this angel is Divine Warrior. This angel helps you to find inner peace and a quick mind to enhance courage and bravery. Supports the development of integrity and discernment so you can be true to yourself and serve others. Call on if you have inner turmoil or feel overly responsible. 



The Equilibrium bottle that connects with Angel Hayayel is Bottle 68 Blue/Violet.



50ml glass bottle


Keynote: Peace and faith, spiritual discernment.  Spiritual teacher, intuitive. 

For Equilibrium information and how to use click here

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