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Mebahel 67

Mebahel 67
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 Angel 14 Mebahel. Principal Quality - Truth, Freedom, Integrity

Guardian Angel - May 26th – 31st 

Heart Angel - January 22nd, April 3rd, June 17th, August 31st, November 12th

Intellect Angel - 4.20 - 4.40

To call on this Angel use phonetic pronunciation, MEH-ba-HEL (the emphasis is placed on the letters in capitals)

The 3 letters that form the name in Hebrew are read from right to left and are 

Hey Bet Mem

The Principal Quality of this angel is Truth, freedom, and integrity. This Angel brings a sense of dignity and grace. Helps you to let go of the fantasy of how you would like things or people to be, and accept the beauty of how things or people really are. Supports to help you reach your highest potential and live a life of integrity. 


The Equilibrium bottle that connects with Angel Mebahel is Bottle 67 Magenta / Magenta



50ml glass bottle


Keynote: Love in the little things.  Divine love merged into service.  Beauty and compassion. 

For Equilibrium information and how to use click here

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