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Menadel 27

Menadel 27
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 Angel 36 Menadel. Principal Quality - Internal / External Work

Guardian Angel - September 18th - 23rd

Heart Angel - February 12th, April 26th, July 10th, September 23rd, December 4th

Intellect Angel - 11.40 - 12.00

To call on this Angel use phonetic pronunciation, MEH-na-DEL (the emphasis is placed on the letters in capitals)

The 3 letters that form the name in Hebrew are read from right to left and are

Dalet Nun Mem

The Principal Quality of this angel is 'Internal / External Work.' This angel may help increase your awareness of the outside world and the affect this is having on your inner world. Helps you to create an environment that supports your physicality and brings vitality. Allows you to create boundaries so that you do not give too much of yourself and your power to others. 


The Equilibrium bottle that connects with this Angel is Bottle 27 Red / Green

50ml glass bottle

Keynote: Passion and determination.  Enthusiam for life. 

For Equilibrium information and how to use click here

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