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Umabel 29

Umabel 29
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 Angel 61 Umabel. Principal Quality - Affinity and Friendship

Guardian Angel - January 21st - 25th

Heart Angel - March 9th, May 22nd, August 5th, October 18th, December 28th

Intellect Angel - 20.00 - 20.20

To call on this Angel use phonetic pronunciation, OO-ma-BEL (the emphasis is placed on the letters in capitals)

The 3 letters that form the name in Hebrew are read from right to left and are 

Bet Mem Vav

The Principal Quality of this angel is Affinity and Friendship. This Angel helps you to find a balance between busy and quiet time, and between earthly and spiritual activities. Supports communication and friendship. Helps you to know when to say yes, when to say no and when to just keep quiet. Helps you to become aware of the divine pattern that lies behind the physical world.


The Equilibrium bottle that connects with Angel Umabel is Bottle 29 Red/Blue

50ml glass bottle

Keynote: Energy for life.  Peace within. 

For Equilibrium information and how to use click here

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