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The Archangeloi Essences have appeared at this point in time for specific purposes.  The Archangeloi are part of the spiritual hierarchy, specifically representing the Spirits of Fire.  The name Archangeloi comes from the biblical Greek and Hebrew sources.  Archangeloi are often synonymous and known as the Archangels in Christian esotericism.  They are thought of as messengers of God.  They are considered to be the beings which support the folk-spirit of a country similar to landscape angels.

 They also have a relationship with individuals in their personal growth.  The hierarchy of Archangeloi work with the individual human being particularly during points of change or transition such as the time between death and a consequent new birth.  During that in-between time, seeds of potentials, for circumstances or events based on memory of or in, prior life experience, are planted as to the intended nature of the soul's expression of Self in the present life.  The Archangeloi Essences may help to stimulate memory of the seeds, the potentials, previously imprinted, to enhance recall fo what was intended.

They have been released at this time at the request of the hierarchy to stimulate seeds that have been planted long ago in relation to the unfoldment of the higher plan that is unfolding upon the earth.  Those accessing the Archangeloi Essences participate in an activation via their Etheric body towards this unfoldment.

The Archangeloi are the guardians of all people and all living things, coming in time of crises, when there is a need to protect and guide.

They may bring joy, happiness and inspire the conscious development of what could be an earthly paradise, both personally and globally.  The mission of the Archangeloi could be seen through their intention to encourage the development of positive change.

The Archangeloi Essences offer a real inspiration from spirit at this time.  They are of the appropriate intensity and vibration to suit the personal auric field.  As the Archangeloi fundamentally work with the collective, helping for example, the development of families, groups, cities and countries, they help the individual to become more conscious of his/her relationship with the collective.  In a sense, they help the individual to become more conscious of his/her relationship with the collective.  In a sense, they help with the key process in Aura-Soma, the process of individuation, with the awakening of the turquoise area, the Ananda Khanda.

The Essences are intended to bring about a more personal connection with the Archangeloi through the subtle fields related to our physicality.  After using the Archangeloi, people may experience a tingling at a physical level as new energies are introduced into the subtle fields.  A sense of wellbeing may ensue as these energies are remembered within the physicality.

Aura-Soma presents the Light of the Archangeloi in the form of nine different fragrances.

The Archangeloi come from the world of fire which symbolically represents love, warmth, caring, concentration, purification, strength and connectedness.

The Aura-Soma Archangeloi Essences come in 20ml violet glass containers with vapourisers.

How to Use -Three short sprays of your chosen Archangeloi Essence over the left shoulder, over the crown and over the right shoulder.  Let the spray settle into your subtle fields and feel into the experience.


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