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Working with your Angels

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel reflects in our physical body, to the world of action and to the material.  Its period of strongest influence is the 5 days around the individual birthday.  Their regeneration and healing chamber are specially offered. Call on this angel to support day to day life and with challenges in the physical world

Click here forGuardian Angel Chart


The Heart Angel

The Heart Angel corresponds to five different seperate days of the year, of which the exact birthday is one.  These five special days form together a so-called lightening star of divine bliss and love-energy.  It carries the possibility of an enormous awakening and the reconnection to the wave of love.  Grace is showered on the individual to support self consciousness and love of true self.  Call on this angel to support matters of the heart.

Click here for Heart Angel ChartJan - MarApr - JuneJuly - SeptOct - Dec                 


The Intellect Angel

The intellect Angel belongs to a twenty minute period of time around the individual’s birth. As all 72
Angels have a particular 20 minute period during the 24 hours of each day, you can merge every day
with the appropriate individual Intellect Angel, and influence your mental level.

To find your Intellect Angel you look at your birth time wherever you were born. There is no need to
adjust your time for the Intellect Angel because angelic beings are beyond time and space. This is the
Spiritual dimension of your birth time. The idea of a Spiritual Intellect Angel is that the angel knows
where you are and the time that is specific to the intellect is not limited by GMT.

Call on this angel for peace of mind.

Click here for Intellect Angel Chart


Working with the Angels

The purpose of invoking the Angel integrates the knowledge that we are living on vibrational energy.  The sounds of the mystical Hebrew letters create a vibrational echo in the memory of our cells. They are a powerful tool to actively open a gateway from conscious to unconscious parts of our soul. This too is a process of purification that is needed for our possibility to remember. Each name should be chanted wither aloud or within 3 times and then time left to experience the energy released through this.  Repeat 3 times

The purpose of visualising the Angel name in the Hebrew letters relates to how the Hebrews view their sacred alphabet as letter souls. Each of the 22 Holy letters are recognised as divine flames from the fire of the heart of God and are connected to the 22 paths on the Tree of Life.  Each Hebrew letter carries both a vibrational quality of sound and its own special numeric value.

Using the Angel’s Equilibrium bottle allows us the opportunity to integrate colour through the divine gift of grace deep into our being.  Having the Angel Bottle around you to look at and hold may bring peace, calm, strength and the qualities associated with your individual angels.  Applying the contents of the bottle to the physical may support with 'the issues to be worked on' for each of the angels which can be found by clicking on an angel's name within the site.

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